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VCS Weekly Bulletin - August 23, 2019


Dates at a Glance                  

Thursdays, August 29December 12th 3:15pm - 4:15pm - Choir

Mondays & Wednesdays, September 23rd – December 8th - Girls on the Run (see times below)


Classroom Meetings

Bonnie: September 5th 5:30 Potluck/6:00 Meeting

Kristen: September 10th 5:30 Meeting

Rachael: September 11th 5:30-6:30 Meeting

Travis: September 11th 7:00-8:00 Meeting

Malika: September 12th 5:30-7:00 Meeting


“Songs of the Civil War Era” Choir

Civil War Songs! 1800’s costumes! Fun for all ages!
Starts Thursday August 29th - 3:15-4:15
Miss Barnum's Classroom
$5/session  $80 total


VCS Girls on the Run - Fall 2019

Girls on the Run, a national running program for girls in 3rd to 5th grades, will be starting at VCS in early Fall. Led by Coaches Tara (Brooklyn's mom), Katie (Gracie's mom) and Jeri (Sofia's mom), the girls will complete a non-competitive 5K run/walk event at the end of the ten-week program. No running experience is necessary!

Registration is now open! Visit

Dates: Every Monday & Wednesday from September 23rd – December 8th, 2019 (excluding holidays)
Time:   M 3:15 pm – 4:30 pm & W 1:15 pm - 2:45 pm
Cost:    $185

Scholarships are available upon request. Come see what over 1,500 girls across the country have experienced. 

For more information about the program, contact VCS Liaison Crisarlin Vázquez (Charlize's mom) or visit


Lost & Found

Do these items look familiar? Please claim them in the office. If not picked up next week they will be donated.


Have an appreciation you wish to make? You can email it in by Friday morning to and it will get added to the next Bulletin.

VCS Weekly Bulletin - August 13, 2019


Dates at a Glance                  

Monday, August 19, 5:00pm - 8:00pm - Gathering/Campus Clean Up

Tuesday, August 20, 5:45pm - Board meeting

Wednesday, August 21, 8:30am - First Day of School


VCS Gathering/Campus Clean Up

We will have a general campus clean up and room organization on Monday 8/19 from 5:00pm - 8:00pm. Not only does this give everyone a chance to ready the campus for Wednesday's first day of school but it also serves as a meet & greet for teachers/staff, old and new friends.

Every family is asked to bring one simple finger food dish to share. Supplies needed for this event are functioning vacuum cleaners and rags. VCS will supply the rest.


Board Meeting

The first board meeting of the 2019-2020 school year will be held Tuesday, 8/20 at 5:45pm. All are welcome to attend.


Welcome to The Village Charter School

VCS welcomes new staff members; Rachael Parent as our new 4th & 5th grade teacher, Kája Pavlíček as Middle School aide, and Sage Winter who will fill in for Miss Jessica as Miss Barnum's aide & Extended Care support staff. We are very happy to have all of you joining our community.

Policy Reminders

The handbook was sent out last week to all families. We ask that you also read the policy reminders listed below as it is important that we start the new school year off right.


Snacks/Lunches: We encourage you to send your child to school with snacks and lunch that are whole foods rather than processed foods. This helps guarantee that preservatives and processes which remove the nutritional value of foods are not present.

  • Whenever possible, send the food in recyclable and reusable containers, reducing landfill waste.
  • Send as much protein as possible to support brain function.
  • Please do not send food high in sugar or with corn syrup.
  • Water only.
  • If your child brings highly processed food or a sweetened beverage, s/he will be asked to put it away and save it for the ride home at the end of the day.
  • Chewing gum and candy are not allowed.


Food Allergies and Sensitivities: A number of students in the school have dietary restrictions due to allergies and sensitivities. Prior to preparing a special class treat, you should check with your child's teacher to find out about any restrictions in the class!

Teachers may occasionally provide cooking projects that contain sugar and processed flour (i.e., gingerbread men), but that will be done at the teacher's discretion and they will notify parents of students with dietary restrictions in advance.

Class Treats: For special occasions and birthday treats, please talk to your child’s teacher regarding school approved recipes and/or food alternatives.

We also actively support people who have made specific dietary choices. Please communicate any needs you have regarding diet.

Lunch Containers: Lunch containers or thermal bags must have a lid that closes securely. Label your child’s reusable containers or bag. Please do not have media images on lunch containers.



The Village Charter School guidelines for school dress are based on matters relating to health, safety, good school organization and deportment. Safety and cleanliness are important. Items disruptive of the school’s learning environment should not be worn.

Clothing: Please send your child to school in clothing that helps support his/her learning. All clothing should be free of images or language that is distracting, violent, aggressive or media based. Shorts and skirts must be fingertip length. No spaghetti strap tank tops.

Shoes/Boots: Shoes need to be comfortable, secure and able to take the wear and tear of running, hiking and everyday play. Please avoid flip-flops or clogs without back straps.

Field Trip Attire: Students are to wear appropriate shoes and clothing for field trips. Long pants (unless otherwise specified), long socks, sturdy shoes or boots, weather and trip appropriate layers, and child-sized backpack. Parents will be called to pick up their child if their child is not dressed appropriately for the field trip.



Cell phones and personal entertainment devices (ipods, electronic toys, etc.) are not allowed on the school campus. If we find a student with one of these items we will hold it in the school office and return it to a parent at the end of the day.  



Everyone should use the main parking lot/off of Piner Rd. (Please avoid bus entrance and west parking area.) The small lot is for staff and YMCA use ONLY.

7:30 - 8:15 a.m.: Students are to be signed in to the extended care room. You may accompany your child to his/her classroom cubby to drop things off, but prior to you leaving the campus your child must be left with the extended care director.

8:15 – 8:30 a.m.: Parent Escort - Parents wishing to escort their children to class are to park in the main parking lot and walk to the VCS campus/yard area.

Drop off - If you wish to use our drop off option please pull into the main parking lot where adults will be available to guide your child to the VCS campus. There will be a volunteers and signs at the turn-in location, as well as volunteers at the drop-off site. You can then continue in a circle and leave from the same place you entered. (Please seeMap, page 25 in the appendix) 

After 8:30 a.m.: Please walk your child to the office. Sign them in, and a staff member will walk them to their classroom.

1:00/3:00 Pick up: Children are to be picked up from their classroom by a parent or guardian. Any student not released to a parent or guardian will be signed into extended care. No child will be dismissed to the yard or parking lot.



Observe the NO PARKING areas clearly marked by signs and pavement markings.

School's Out!

Have a wonderful summer!