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VCS Weekly Bulletin - December 6, 2019

Milo & Stan

Dates at a Glance                  

December 6th, from 6 pm - 8 pm - Annual Village Craft Fair

December 9th, 6:00pm - Board Meeting

December 9th, 2-3:30pm - Schoolyard Habitat Workday

December 11th, 12:30 - Schoolyard Habitat Workday

December 13th, - TBA - PA Meeting

December 16th - Deadline to register for Winter Camp

December 19th - TBA - Winter Solstice Festival

December 20th - January 3rd - Winter Break (No School)


Annual Village Craft Fair

TONIGHT  from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm! 

We hope everyone will be able to join us for this special evening

The children will have the opportunity to make gifts for friends and family (or themselves) in different crafting stations sprinkled among the classrooms.  They will  have the chance to make photo frames (with photos taken on-site OR bring in your favorite), mini pumpkin succulent planters, gnomes, glass ornament globes, cookies, lip balms and more.

We still need your help with running a craft station. Please sign up here

Also, if you have access to natural materials as REDWOOD BRANCHES, IVY BRANCHES, MISTLETOE, HOLLY BERRIES OR PINE CONES, please bring them to school today!

AND BIG THANKS TO THE GIRLS ON THE RUN TEAM and all the families who participated in the Bake /Craft Sale.  With this contribution we will be able to buy all the materials that will be used for the crafts.  Because of this there will be no charge per craft.  We encourage that each student just make one of each craft. 

Village Charter School Parent Association Co Chairs

Katie, Lauren, Viki, & Crisarlin


Winter Camp

VCS Winter Camp will be available to all 2019/2020 VCS students

Monday, December 23 – Friday, January 3
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri - 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

NO CAMP: Wednesdays, 12/25 or 1/1

See the attached registration form for details.

Deadline to register is Monday, December 16.


Come Help Protect Our Schoolyard Habitat

When: Monday 12/9 @ 2:30 - 3:30

and Wednesday 12/11 @ 12:30 - 1:30

Now that the ground has softened up a bit with our lovely rains, it's time to weed out the dreaded Bermuda grass. Come out for a few minutes or a whole hour, any/all efforts are very needed! We will work in light rain but skip if it's actively pouring. Bring your favorite gardening accessories (like foam pads to kneel on, hand weeding tools, gloves (and we will also have hand tools and gloves available)).  Students are welcomed and encouraged to join in the work once they are out of class. Come out to have fun together as we rise up to take down this invasive invader. Ask Stephanie or Hattie any questions :)


Girls on the Run 5K

Event Details:

SOMO Village

1100 Valley House Drive, Rohnert Park, California

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Festivities begins at 8am

5k start is 9am


Amazon Smile and eScrip

There are two ways to help VCS while doing your shopping this holiday season and all year long!

One is to do your Amazon shopping through after you link VCS as your charitable organization. The other is to sign up for Escrip at Amazon as you know is online only shopping, Escrip is online as well as local merchants including Oliver's Market (You will need to present your card at checkout). On average VCS receives $50 per quarter from Amazon and $100 per month from Escrip and that's without your contribution.
These rebate programs are not limited to VCS families so tell your family and friends to please register today!


Yearbook Photos Wanted

Do you take pictures around campus, at events, while volunteering in classrooms or chaperoning field trips? Contribute them to the yearbook! Send them to

NEW FEATURE FOR 2019/2020: The yearbook will be highlighting students’ extracurriculars this year. If your child does extracurricular activities such as dance, sports, acting, cooking, crafts, volunteering, etc., please submit photos and a brief description of why they do it, what they like about it, and what their experiences have been like.



Don’t forget to buy your yearbook!


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VCS will be closed Monday, October 28

POUSD has announced it is closing all schools on Monday, 10/28 including all on the Northwest Prep campus.

VCS Weekly Bulletin - October 25, 2019


Dates at a Glance                  

Monday, October 28th - Whole School Photo - During morning circle

Friday, November 1st - Pumpkin Walk - Regular school day

Monday, November 11th - Veterans Day (No School)

November 27th - November 29th - Thanksgiving Break  (No School)


Whole School Photo - 10/28 at Morning Circle

Be a part of the whole school photo on Monday, October 28th at Morning Circle.

Don’t be late!

Call for Assistance

Dear Village Community,

Do you still need to put in some parent participation hours?

I am looking for a parent to assist Ms. Ashley in leading our gross motor program. Please consider helping with a fun set of classes that are not only exciting but also help students build confidence, balance, cross lateral connections and focus. And, all that supports their language development too!!!

6 Thursdays from 9-10:15 (This is a wonderful group of children and a wonderful opportunity)

Please let me know if you are interested!!! I could really use your help-

Miss Malika


Reminder to Parents From Rebecca

I am noticing that, as the school year progresses, adherence to some of our school policies is becoming a bit lax. As a community, we have agreed to certain standards around diet, behavior, technology and clothing.  These policies inform and shape the culture of safety, health and, mindful practices that are the foundation of our community. Please remember that support of these policies starts at home.


The Village Charter School guidelines for school dress are based on matters relating to health, safety, good school organization and deportment. Safety and cleanliness are important. Items disruptive of the school’s learning environment should not be worn.

Clothing: Please send your child to school in clothing that helps support his/her learning. All clothing should be free of images or language that is distracting, violent, drug or alcohol related, aggressive or media based. Shorts and skirts must be fingertip length. No spaghetti strap tank tops or crop tops that expose midriff.



In order to support the work of our teachers to create and maintain an environment that cultivates imagination, wonder and beauty, we ask that you limit your child’s exposure to electronic media (i.e. TV, video games, etc.). Our school purposefully avoids media input. We support the use of media and technology for instruction on a very limited basis. As a rule, videos, DVD’s and computers are only used in the middle school classroom to support the curriculum.


Cell phones and personal entertainment devices (i pods, electronic toys, etc.) are not allowed on the school campus. If we find a student with one of these items we will hold it in the school office and return it to a parent at the end of the day.



Snacks/Lunches: We encourage you to send your child to school with snacks and lunch that are whole foods rather than processed foods. This helps guarantee that preservatives and processes which remove the nutritional value of foods are not present.

·         Whenever possible, send the food in recyclable and reusable containers, reducing landfill waste.

·         Send as much protein as possible to support brain function.

·         Please do not send food high in sugar or with corn-syrup.

·         Water only.

·         If your child brings highly processed food or a sweetened beverage, s/he will be asked to put it away and to save it for the ride home at the end of the day.

·         Chewing gum and candy are not allowed.


Lunch Containers: Lunch containers or thermal bags must have a lid that closes securely. Label your child’s reusable containers or bag. Please do not have media images on lunch containers.


Halloween Reminder

Here at The Village Charter School we DO NOT celebrate Halloween. The children  DO NOT   wear their costumes nor do we have a Halloween carnival or parade.  In following our school policy, candy/treats are to be left at home. Friday, November 1st is a regular school day.


Pumpkin Walk - Friday, November 1st at 6:30 P.M.

The Pumpkin Walk is an opportunity for our community to get together and celebrate the October/Halloween season in a more innocent and magical way than the mainstream scare-fright fest. First, we assemble around a campfire and tell stories, sing songs, and do dances of the season.

The Fairy Garden and Big Garden are lined with lit pumpkins, candles (LED only) and twinkle lights for the kids to explore as the sun goes down.

Hot apple cider and simple snacks will be served and (sometimes the most memorable part of all) the children can play into the night amongst the twinkle lights and pumpkins.

Your part? (Besides bringing your children) Please bring a carved pumpkin (with LED light inside). The more the merrier! It is what makes the magic!

And please DO come! It’s old-fashioned, it’s memorable, it’s what your heart has been longing for!


Copperfield's - Money for Schools

Copperfield's Books is holding a fundraising weekend to raise Money For Schools. Mention Village Charter School at checkout and they will donate 25% of your purchase to our school!


Yearbook Photos & Cameras Wanted

Do you take pictures around campus, at events, while volunteering in classrooms or chaperoning field trips? Contribute them to the yearbook!

Please send in all the 2019/2020 VCS pictures you can supply--the more, the better!

If you have an old point-and-shoot digital camera lying around, don't let it be obsolete; donate it to the middle school! There are more eager student photographers this year than ever, but we only have four cameras to share among them. Compatible battery chargers and wrist straps are necessities. An SD card is not required, but extras would be welcome.


Save 10% on your 2019-2020 VCS Yearbook by pre ordering before October 31st!

October Discount: 10% off
November Discount: 5% off


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We want to thank the staff for taking care of Emily after she crashed and burned on Thursday Oct. 17, 2019. We really appreciate it. - John and Vicki Stiles