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VCS Weekly Bulletin - September 9, 2020

Element Art in Miss
Kristen's Class by Ousei,
Eva, Leo and Jasmine

Dates at a Glance                  

Tuesday, Sept 15 - Board Meeting via Zoom

Saturday, Sept 19 - International Clean Up Day

Friday, Sept. 25No School - Hoedown




Note from Rebecca

Two and a half weeks down! I want to thank all the parents and students for your flexibility, patience and generosity of spirit. None of this is easy, but in true VCS fashion, we are doing it with grace, efficiency, and kindness.

I also want to thank the PA for hosting a wonderful meeting on Thursday. We had a great turnout and my soul was renewed.

And, finally, THANK YOU to the VCS Teachers and Staff. You are amazing. I am in awe of what you do everyday.


Packet Pick Up

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO TO ENSURE YOUR CHILD'S SUCCESS DURING DL (after making sure they are logged in at 9:00am)--Pick up the weekly packet! Everything your child needs for the week is in the packet that is available for pick up on Friday (and it's there anytime during the weekend). If they don't have this material, it is very hard for them to be successful.

If you cannot pick it up, please make arrangements for us to drop it at your home.



If you received an email asking you to log in to the Aeries Parent Portal to complete your child's registration, please do so ASAP. This email only went out to those who did not go through the entire process.

Send an email to if you have any problems.

Print and return the emergency card and PPP form when completed. All other forms only require an approval/denial check.

A Glimpse into the Classrooms

Please take the time to look at the attached glimpse into the classrooms, and see what everyone has been up to the past few weeks!


City of SR Creek Week, 35th International Cleanup
Let's rock this, VCS!

Hello dear VCS,

I thank you for your devotion to our school and our community, what a challenging time we are going through and rising above with your help! I also thank your spirits for creating a school that cares through action, truly you are the school of my dreams!

This year marks the 35th annual international cleanup... 122 countries participated last year... It is such a special event to join MILLIONS in caring together all over the world... Lots of places are actually making a week or month out of it as well.

Starting September 19th, check out the all virtual SR Creek Week resources I have helped to develop, lots to do for all ages. Here’s that link for you and to share…

Here’s to making a difference together!

Stephanie Lennox



Have an appreciation you wish to make? You can email it in by Friday morning to and it will get added to the next Bulletin.

  • Huge shout out to B2! Thank you for making Distance Learning so fun and rewarding, and for working so diligently to make the garden such a magical place to play when we stop by! ♥  - Shaina
  • The 19/20 yearbook staff did an awesome job on the yearbook! - Pleasant & Ava

1st PA Meeting of the Year

Welcome back, VCS families!

First, we want to welcome all of the new VCS families and students: 

  • Miss Malika's class: Lowell Acker, Watson Baker, Avery Fallin, Rook Gurule,
                                      Keahi Le, Mabel Landis, Kayla McCracken
  • Miss Kristen's class: Arthur Glick, Elijah-Jade Wilkerson
  • Miss Parent's class: Ayely Valerio

We also want to thank you all for your patience during the process of opening school! It was an interesting first day of school, with some of our families evacuated from their houses, the smoke, and on top of that, "homeschooling".

It will be great to see and meet all the new families in person, even if through a car window and masked; but for now, let's do it via Zoom. Please join our Parent Association meeting on Thursday, September 3rd at noon. 


Zoom Link 

PW: music


  • Welcome new families
  • Message from Rebecca Ivanoff 
  • Outdoor classroom - what we have, what we need -Parent Association Committee
  • Fundraising Event - set a meeting date to discuss this topic
  • Appreciations

Thank you and we will see you all next Thursday,

Parent Association co-chairs

Lauren Kushins (Micah's mom)
Viki Soto (Leila's mom)
Stephanie Lennox (Elsie & Natalie's mom)
Dennene Bell (Sage's mom)
Claudia Leiva (Lucas & Lucia's mom)
Jesslyn Truttman (Sayer's mom)
Ashley Hamlett (Cooper & Olivia's mom)
Crisarlín Vázquez (Charlize's mom)


Wondering how to become a member of VCS Parent Association?

If you are a parent/guardian of a VCS student, you are a member. 

What do we do?

The parents/guardians and staff work closely together as partners to ensure the success of our students. This collaborative effort is integrated into every aspect of the school’s management, including decision-making, fundraising, governance, and the educational program. It is essential that all parents and guardians understand the important role that their participation plays in sustaining our school.

Distance Learning Standards

Dear VCS Families,

Welcome to our first day back in 2020. I have so many things I want to say, but after being up all night evacuating, I will shorten this to a few bullet points.

  • First, I want to offer my most sincere words of gratitude to all of the first responders and essential workers that have been working tirelessly on our behalf since 2017. Over the last several unprecedented years, I know each one of us has been touched in some way by their courage, hard work, and kindness. Thank you.
  • Next I want to thank my teachers and staff. Actually, I'd like to extend that thanks to all educators as we begin this school year. PLEASE, parents, remember that none of us went into teaching with Distance Learning in mind. It challenges us daily and more often than not, we are left feeling like failures.  I have watched my staff work into the night and through their summer to create an experience for your children that is meaningful, dynamic, and personal. So, please, practice patience and kindness. Zoom will glitch out. We will have PSPS days and rolling black outs. Best laid plans will fall short. But the relationships and school community will hold roots and the children will be fine. 
  • Many of us are also parents and/or caregivers and are facing the same challenges as you. The balancing of work and family is often overwhelming. We, too, are trying our best and when we fall short, we will do all we can to make it right.
  • Two to three weeks. That's what I am asking. Please give us 2-3 weeks to get settled. Two to three weeks to iron out the glitches.  Your job will be to make sure your child(ren) is up and on Zoom by 9:00. After that, please, let the teachers guide them and support them. Try your hardest to step back and consider this a regular school day. I know the younger students need more support, but still try to direct them to the teacher and aide as much as possible for guidance and direction. This school time should be a bit of a break for you.
  • Trust. Trust in the VCS community. Trust in our intentions. Trust that just because we are online, that our mission and vision is still here, it just has to look different for awhile.
  • The following is a summary of the learning models available.

I know there is more. I will try my best to answer all your questions as they come to me. If you are a family currently impacted by the fires, my heart is with you. Don't stress about school. Be safe and take care of your crew. 

Thank you for reading this.

Rebecca Ivanoff, Director


Distance Learning Standards

Following a spring trimester of loose distance learning expectations for schools across
California, the state has sets clear standards for fall instruction and student attendance.
The following is an outline of key points regarding DL standards that VCS will follow.

Daily live interaction required

Teachers will have to connect with their students each school day through online
instruction and/or phone check-ups.

Taking student attendance

Schools must take students' attendance and participation under distance learning, or
risk losing state funding. Students who don't participate will factor into schools' chronic
absenteeism figures.

Minimum instruction

Students must receive a minimum amount of daily instruction that can be met by a
combination of teacher instruction and "time value" of work assigned.
- 3 hours per day for kindergartners.
- 3 hours, 50 minutes for grades 1-3.
- 4 hours for grades 4-12.

Serving students in need

Schools have to provide the "accommodations necessary" to serve students with
special needs. Speech and Language and RSP support will continue to be provided as
defined by a student’s IEP. We will also continue to provide one-on-one early
intervention for reading and math as needed.

No set requirements for live instruction

The state does not mandate a minimum daily amount of synchronous, or live,
instruction, though experts strongly suggest it be a part of students' distance learning.
VCS teachers will be working directly with students via Zoom Monday through
Thursday, starting at 9:00 AM with additional hours for teacher check-ins (AKA office
hours). Fridays will be reserved for packet pick-up/drop-off and check-ins with
individual students and parents.

Preventing disengagement

Schools must form a plan for re-engaging students who are absent from distance
learning for more than three schooldays a week. VCS will be reaching out regularly to
support students who are struggling with attendance and will work to find instructional
methods that address individual needs.

Checking families' connectivity

Schools will have to ensure that students and families have the devices and connectivity
necessary to participate in distance learning, or make accommodations if they do not.
VCS will make chrome books available to all students that need one. Check out days for
chrome books will be announced by email.

Weekly engagement records

An additional data requirement, schools must keep "weekly engagement records" noting
how much synchronous or asynchronous instruction a student has received. VCS will
be collecting course work on a weekly basis and maintaining academic and
participation/attendance records.