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VCS Weekly Bulletin - September 28, 2018

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Dates at a Glance                        

Sep. 26 - Oct. 3: Conferences (Minimum Days)

Oct. 5, After Morning Circle: PA Meeting/Coffee Morning

Oct. 10, 1 pm - 2:15 pm: PA Meeting

Oct. 12: No School

Oct. 15: No School

Oct. 16, 5:45 pm: Board Meeting


Lost and Found

Dear VCS Community,

In an attempt to reduce the amount of clothes and other items in the VCS Lost and Found ALL ITEMS will be removed and donated to charity on the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month.  Please take a minute to look through the Lost and Found for your children's belongings over this next week.
Thank you,

Scott Chapman, L&F Tsar


Attention Middle Schoolers and Miss. Ashley’s Class

Middle Schoolers, please bring your ukuleles on Tuesdays!

Miss. Ashley’s class, please bring ukuleles and guitars (if you have them) on Thursdays!


Conservation in Action

How beautifully amazing is our newly formed Schoolyard Habitat site? It truly is something to behold, our school's transformation is clearly underway! VCS, you and your tools showed up IN FORCE it was such an awesome workday! We were able to make this transformation happened because you showed up and put in the work to make it happen. On our workday we saw lots of smiles, fun, donuts, burritos, cardboard, mulch, bermuda grass and blackberries all dancing together and creating the solid foundation we now have for our school’s habitat project. It already looks and feels so exciting we can barely wait until we bring it to life with the plants!!!! Stay tuned to your classrooms and this bulletin so we can let you know when exactly that planting is going to be happening. We plan to plant this fall and then plant the rest of the project in the Spring. It was so incredibly enjoyable and rewarding working on this project together with you, let’s keep it up!

Thank you habitat helpers,

Hattie and Stephanie Schoolyard Habitat Co-ordinators



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“A huge thanks to Ashley for stepping up and bringing love, patience and a guiding hand to Miss Malika’s class.  It seems like every time there is an urgent need, Ashley is there to step up to the task.  She is a wonderful asset to the school!” - Arnold

“Kudos to Jasmine for all her work in transforming the garden boxes in the courtyard into a beautiful (and hopefully bountiful) oasis.  Such a welcoming space for us to gather each day.  Thank you!” – Arnold

“We noticed on the September 21, 2018, bulletin some were left out for thanks while working on the Habitat. The staff and students who made it possible for parents with young children to be able to join in. We would like to thank every one who worked or gave to the Habitat it is beautiful. Our community will be able to enjoy it for a long time.” - Vicki and John Stiles

“Thank you to all the families who came to the HOEDOWN, for all the delicious plates brought for sharing, and for sharing so much happiness in the dance room! It really was an evening where we got together as a community and had fun.” -  Crisarlin & Viki

“Thanks to all the middle schoolers and students who help with the planning and decoration in the Hoedown.  YOU DID AN AWESOME JOB!  And to Rebecca and Viki for always having the best attitude to help with getting everything ready for the event.” - Crisarlin

“Thanks to Carlos Colón to coordinate with a friend (Trevor Hogoboom) to make an aerial video and photos of the Schoolyard Habitat.  These photos and video will help with highlighting the progress as our students, teachers and parents work together to make this garden the best habitat ever!” - Crisarlin

Thank you, Nunley Family!

An overwhelming thank you to the Nunley family for sponsoring our Schoolyard Habitat!


VCS Weekly Bulletin - September 21, 2018

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Photo by Addy and Jo

Dates at a Glance                        

Sep. 21, 5:30-7:30pm: Hoedown – details below

Sep. 22, 9am-2pm: School Yard Habitat Workday

Sep. 25, 8:30-9:30am: Gala Event Committee Meeting

Sep. 26-Oct. 3: Conferences (Minimum Days)

Oct. 5, After Morning Circle until 10am: PA Sponsored Morning Coffee and PA Meeting


Hoedown! TONIGHT Friday, September 21st!

Put your hoe down and come dance with your children at the VCS Hoedown, on

Friday, September, 21st from 5:30-7:30pm in the NWP MultiUse Room!

Bring a wholesome potluck dish to share, your stomping boots, and your best yee-haw! Come enjoy this year's first big community event and beloved VCS tradition!

Don't forget your tableware; plates, utensils, napkins, etc.

Want to help?

Donate extra pumpkins or gourds at the office by Thursday, 9/20!

Come help set up! Friday 9/21 at 4:30pm!


Why a Hoedown, you might ask?  Well, first, if you've been before, you know it's TONS OF FUN!  But it's more than that. It's a full experience of connecting our children to long-time traditions and cultural history. One of the premiere dance callers in Northern California spends time during the day with each of the classes teaching traditional line dances and teaching the history and the meaning of the dances and the music. And finally, it's a chance for us to dance with our children and share in what they've learned! It is always a knee-slappin', foot-stompin' good time with tons of smiles and lots of laughter.

See you there!


All School Work Day TOMORROW Saturday, September 22nd

PLEASE come help build our native California interactive habit that

Hattie and Stephanie have worked so hard on! Early birds can arrive as early as

7:30 am and officially it starts at 9a-2pm! We have SO much to do and we need

your help!!! Coffee and donuts will be provided for morning and Chipotle burritos

and lunch as well!

Bring the family, WE NEED YOU!


Conservation in Action

Have you seen the mountain of mulch and the 4,000 pounds of rocks that have been delivered for our Schoolyard Habitat project? Come and help us put it all in the right place this Saturday the 22nd. Early birds can arrive at 7:30, others are coming at 9:00 and we plan to be finished by 2:00.

We will have… Sweet treats and coffee in the morning and burritos and snacks in the afternoon to keep us workers happy and fed! We will hope to have food and snacks for all but the more the merrier. Bring snacks/food for your family or to share, also, bring your water bottles.

Please bring work gloves and if you have a pick, loppers, garden cart/wheelbarrow, hard rake or digging fork please bring with you too.

From Hoe-down to Hoe-up,

Hattie and Stephanie Schoolyard Habitat Co-coordinators


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Have an appreciation you wish to make? You can email it in by
Friday morning or just stop by the office and drop off a note in the orange
Appreciation Jar and it will get added to the next Bulletin.

To the Nunley family and the Starr family- Thank you so much for the floor lamps! Love, Miss Malika

I so appreciate all the parents who are helping me with the watering of our Magical Garden as well as the task list for the month! You help make our school/classroom beautiful and ease my load! Muchas Gracias! -Miss Malika

A huge shout out to Stephanie Lennox for her day of fun and games with the students while we all learned about the importance of diversity in a garden habitat as well as the mighty and important pollinators, the Busy Bees! -Miss Malika

Arnold Stellema, the children are so excited and have enjoyed their introduction to your magical, wonderful, amazing Wood Shop! Thank you so much for the care and time you have put into creating this child centered space for little ones to explore and develop a new skill set. In deep appreciation, Miss Malika

Rebecca, your TWO pre-dawn arrivals at school this week for our Schoolyard Habitat material deliveries is you going above and beyond for us. THANK YOU, we couldn’t get this project done without your active support!! -Stephanie

Carolyn, the rocks you donated to our Schoolyard Habitat are perfect and will bring to life countless years of lizards basking and kids exploring! - Stephanie

I so appreciate the time and work that our Parent Association gives... volunteering together with you is super fun and we are able to make wonderful things happen for our school! Crisarlin and Viki, thanks for all your work as our Festival coordinators… you make magic happen by giving so much of your time and attention to our kids and school! – Stephanie