Village News

Board Meeting


Tuesday, April 7, 2020
6:00 P.M.
Meeting ID: 620 576 243


1. Roll Call
2. Approval of the Agenda (discussion/action)
3. Approval of Minutes (discussion/action)
4. Public Comments (discussion)
This is an opportunity for the community to address the Board of Directors regarding any items not on the agenda. The Board may not discuss items which are not on the agenda, but may choose to agendize items for the next meeting or direct the Administrator to address them. Each person will have five minutes to speak. 
5. Admin. Report (discussion)
Budget update, Shelter-in-Place Q & A, Charter renewal update
6. PA (discussion/action)
7. Teacher Report (discussion)
8. 2010-21 Calendar (discussion/action)
9. Warrant Batch (discussion/action)
10. P2 (discussion/action)
11. Board of Directors (discussion/action)
Revision of Bylaws, Board calendar, other business related to SIP
12. Adjournment (action)


PA Online Meeting

Dear VCS Community,

During this difficult time we would like to extend the opportunity for parents, and maybe even staff, to meet up and connect with one another. So we are creating a Zoom Meeting tomorrow, Friday, at 4pm. If you have never done Zoom before all you need to do is follow the below steps. We’ll all be tech geniuses by the end of this crisis! We’ll be talking about the transition to Remote Learning, how families are doing, sharing ideas of what’s working and generally checking in. Bring your questions and ideas. We hope to see you there!

How to get on ZOOM:

1. get a device (desktop, laptop or a smart phone) where you can download the free Zoom app.

2. click this link:

3. download the Zoom app

4. it will ask you to either create a free account or enter your name

5. a window will open up with the camera on (join us at 4pm)


The PA
Lauren, Crisarlin, Viki, Katie

School Closure Update

Dear Village Charter School Community,

I hope that this finds you and your family safe and doing as well as possible during this shelter-in-place mandate.  Seeing many of you in passing during the pick-up time was a welcomed gift! We have just received an update regarding the suspension of classes.

Please be advised that in coordination between North Bay County departments of education, all schools will be suspending classes and continuing distance learning through May 1, 2020.  This is the plan for now.  This decision will continue to assist in reducing community spread of  COVID 19.

  • VCS has suspended classes through May 1, 2020, until further notice. Our teachers will continue to update their distance learning plans. Most classes will be transitioning to the use of Google Classroom, Zoom, and/or Google Meet in addition to packets Now that we know the closure has been extended, please download these apps. Reminder: We have Chromebooks for check out if needed.
  • For now, we will stick with our next pick up date, Wednesday, 4/1/2020, between 11:00-1:00. If you are unable to pick up work for your student, please let us know so we can make arrangements.
  • I will be working with Emma to create an updated resource tab on our website where we can post ideas, weekly schedules for easy access, share photos of the wonderful things you are doing/creating at home, and anything else that helps us stay connected as a community.

Thank you for all. Your kindness and understanding means so much to all of us.

Please take care and be safe.

Rebecca Ivanoff, Director
The Village Charter School
2590 Piner Rd
Santa Rosa, CA 95401