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1st PA Meeting of the Year

Welcome back, VCS families!

First, we want to welcome all of the new VCS families and students: 

  • Miss Malika's class: Lowell Acker, Watson Baker, Avery Fallin, Rook Gurule,
                                      Keahi Le, Mabel Landis, Kayla McCracken
  • Miss Kristen's class: Arthur Glick, Elijah-Jade Wilkerson
  • Miss Parent's class: Ayely Valerio

We also want to thank you all for your patience during the process of opening school! It was an interesting first day of school, with some of our families evacuated from their houses, the smoke, and on top of that, "homeschooling".

It will be great to see and meet all the new families in person, even if through a car window and masked; but for now, let's do it via Zoom. Please join our Parent Association meeting on Thursday, September 3rd at noon. 


Zoom Link 

PW: music


  • Welcome new families
  • Message from Rebecca Ivanoff 
  • Outdoor classroom - what we have, what we need -Parent Association Committee
  • Fundraising Event - set a meeting date to discuss this topic
  • Appreciations

Thank you and we will see you all next Thursday,

Parent Association co-chairs

Lauren Kushins (Micah's mom)
Viki Soto (Leila's mom)
Stephanie Lennox (Elsie & Natalie's mom)
Dennene Bell (Sage's mom)
Claudia Leiva (Lucas & Lucia's mom)
Jesslyn Truttman (Sayer's mom)
Ashley Hamlett (Cooper & Olivia's mom)
Crisarlín Vázquez (Charlize's mom)


Wondering how to become a member of VCS Parent Association?

If you are a parent/guardian of a VCS student, you are a member. 

What do we do?

The parents/guardians and staff work closely together as partners to ensure the success of our students. This collaborative effort is integrated into every aspect of the school’s management, including decision-making, fundraising, governance, and the educational program. It is essential that all parents and guardians understand the important role that their participation plays in sustaining our school.

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