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Letter From Rebecca

Hello VCS Families and Students!

Today, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with our teachers and staff (with all proper social distancing practices in place). I have missed them and I miss all of you! The teachers are currently working to put together appropriate, optional learning programs for the students, so I hope everyone is ready to get back on track with some schooling!

The process of creating a remote learning environment has many moving parts and we want to make sure that the work we put out there is interesting, manageable, and accessible to all students and parents/guardians. Our goal is to have our first week of assignments ready to go out no later than this Wednesday, March 25th. Any work we assign will be available both electronically and on paper, with physical pick-up of textbooks and packets starting this Wednesday at VCS (basketball court area, weather permitting) between 11:00 AM and 12:30 PM and 5:00 - 6:00PM. Please make sure only one person comes to the pick-up site. If you are unable to pick up school work during this window of time, please let us know and we will come up with an alternate plan to make it available.

Here is a bullet point list of what you can expect:

  • Kindergarten families can expect a letter from Miss Malika no later than Wednesday outlining her plan for the students.
  • For grades 1-8, all the teachers will be following a uniform weekly calendar that provides structure and expectations for each day. We are trying to keep as much consistency across the grades each day to support families with siblings (and help maintain the sanity of parents/guardians).
  • Each day of the week will include a variety of academic and nonacademic activities. It is our expectation that each activity is completed within each day.
  • Each day will have an elective/wild card slot. Teachers will provide many choices for how to fill this time. As our choice list grows (and, yes, we’d love your ideas), we will post them on our website.
  • Your child’s teacher will be sending out a communication by email soon. When you get the email, please respond as directed as this will serve as confirmation for the best way to communicate with you.
  • Heads up—As thing evolve and change (and they will) we will keep you posted via email and the website.
  • For tomorrow (3/24), have your child(ren) follow this sample day to get started:

We are still going on the assumption that schools will reopen on April 8th, but are making plans for the possibility that we will be out longer. Please be patient with your children, the teachers and yourself. Learning remotely is not something that comes naturally to most of us and it is going to take some time to settle into this new way of going to school. It can’t provide all the many parts we experience in the classroom, but if we embrace this process and grow with it, there is much to learn. Our hope is that each day the students find a way to practice their academic skills, laugh, draw, read, be helpful, dance, sing, run, and reconnect with our incredible VCS community as we venture through this unexpected shared experience.

I hope you are all physically, mentally and emotionally well.

Wishing I could see everyone at morning circle.


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