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VCS Weekly Bulletin - April 2, 2021

Dates at a Glance

  • Monday, 4/5—In-Person Schedule in full effect
  • Friday, 4/9—No School
  • Saturday, 4/17--7th Annual Creek Clean-a-thon... April 17, 2021… Save the Date!
  • Friday, 4/23—No School


Please take extra care to read all VCS EMAILS, CLASS EMAILS and VCS TEXTS during these next several weeks. Our success with this next step is dependent on you being up to date on all communications regarding in-person instruction. 


In-Person Instruction Schedule—Remember your Home Health Screening form!


Extended Care will be offer until 5:00PM

thank you for communicating in advance


7th Annual Creek Clean-a-thon! Save the Date!

APRIL 17, 2021 9:00 - 12:00

As a community we have cleaned up 2,000 pounds of litter over our cleanup years. Each year as a school we have also cleaned up our campus at school year’s end, often finding a surprising amount of trash (sometimes it’s been over 50 pounds!). This is 2,000 pounds of trash that is no longer loose litter, it is captured trash removed from our natural environment because we cared together and made a difference. Let’s celebrate that!

We are excited to be able to continue with our Creek Clean-a-thon tradition, though a bit modified from past years. It’s going to be AWESOME! Our children and families will have the opportunity to feel the power of connection, community and service... let’s do this! Next week look for a video message with more details about how we are organizing ourselves this year. One (Covid safety) adjustment we are making is that we are not all starting together at 9:00. Your family will choose when to start inside a 9:00 - 11:00 window of time. More information to come.

Traditionally this event has also served as a fundraiser and that is an option again for this year. If you want to share this link with folks who may want to support this event and our school, please do so. Please feel no pressure to fundraise, but here is the link if you choose to do so. It’s the same site we used for our Talent Variety Show fundraising updated now with our Creek Clean-a-thon focus:

It is not too late to sign up to participate and receive a t-shirt. Complete this form.


Summer Camp 2021—June 16-July 30, 8:00am-5:00pm

Coco and Mr. Matt are hoping to reinstate our VCS Summer Camp for 2021.

With safe guidelines for students and staff, students will be given the opportunity to socialize, learn new skills, and enjoy outdoor adventures and play. Cost: $1000-full summer; $350-2 weeks or 10 day drop off; $200-single week or 5 day drop off.




A huge thank you to Scott Chapman and crew for building our new outdoor learning space. It is a beautiful addition!

To Crisarlin, Claudia, Stephanie, Lauren, and Ashley—I am grateful for your continued commitment to supporting the vision and mission of VCS. Thank you!  You are an inspiration!


NEW: Support Our Community, Create More Connections

VCS wants to support our families' small businesses by sharing your business information with the community.  Please fill out this Google form or print the form and email to Rebecca with your business information (applies to both if  you own the business or you are an employee).  Your business information will be announced on the VCS web page and Facebook. Amelia Chapman The Adamian Family
 The Kushins Family
 Lauren Racusin McSweeney
 Naomi Catalina
 Deneene Bell

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