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VCS Weekly Bulletin - May 4, 2018

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Clowning Around
in Willow Crowns 

Dates at a Glance                         

·  May 9th, 1pm - PA Meeting
·  May 9th – Miss Ashley’s class to LBC
·  May 10th – MS to Bullfrog Pond, overnight
·  May 15th – Miss Barnum’s class to Tall Ships
·  May 16th – Miss Kristen’s class to Tolay Regional Park
·  May 18th – Miss Malika’s class to Shell Beach
·  May 23rd, 5:45pm – Board Meeting/Public Hearing
·  May 24th – Ashley’s class to Lennox Farm
·  May 28th - Memorial Day (No School)
·  May 30th – Miss Barnum’s class to Pirate Island
·  June 1st, 8am-9am - PA Sponsored Coffee Morning
·  June 8th - Last Day of School/Graduation/Carnival


Order Yearbooks

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  • Yearbooks only cost $20.00.
  • The books are printed on high quality 100% recycled paper in beautiful full color.
  • For each VCS yearbook sold, Trees for the Future plants a tree in our school's name.
  • Order your yearbook by May 7 to get free bulk shipping with the rest of VCS! A shipping fee will apply to orders placed thereafter.
  • Distribution & Signing Day TBA in the coming weeks!


Around School


Hello. We are a former Village family looking for a new rental. A 3-bedroom is preferred but we can absolutely manage with something smaller. Our family consists of: me, my three children (though my oldest will be transferring to a 6-year college this summer), and our very clean, healthy, and well-behaved pets (dog & cat). We'd like to stay in the Santa Rosa/Rohnert Park area, but are open to nearby places as well.

My landlords just sold their duplex we've been renting, but they say I am the best tenant they've ever had and they would love to speak to potential landlords about me and my family. I am a non-smoker who always pays my rent early and I take excellent care of my rentals, going the extra mile to keep them clean, organized, and beautiful. If you have an affordable rental (or know of someone else who does), please contact me at  Thank you! Brianna

Summer Care Cancelled

Unfortunately, due to limited interest, we are unable to offer Summer Camp this year. Please stop by the office to collect all payments made.

2018 – 2019 Calendar


Have an appreciation you wish to make? You can email it in by Friday morning or just stop by the office and drop off a note in the orange Appreciation Jar and it will get added to the next Bulletin.

Yearbook Team, you did it. You took on an immensely complicated and challenging 8-month project, worked really hard, and saw it through to completion. The yearbook you've created together is beautiful. I'm so proud of you!
– Emma

Thank you, Rebecca, for holding the all-school meetings this week!
Thank you to all the parent teachers bringing consistent additional enrichment to our classrooms!
– Deneene

I would like to appreciate all of the parents and students who participated in teacher appreciation activities last week. You make me feel appreciated.
– Jenn

I want to say thank you to all of the parents that found the time to attend one of my meetings this last week. These opportunities to gather with you and learn from you are rejuvenating. My heart is touched by the depth of generosity and creativity that flows from this community. Thank you for your feedback and support! More importantly for making me laugh out loud.
With gratitude and respect,

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