IMAGINE ... a school where your child is happy and benefiting from:

A small school environment with a rich multi-cultural curriculum honoring the whole child
Academics taught in a meaningful, whole world and nature-based context
Intimate multi-age classes where the values of community-building and social responsibility are taught and practiced
A lively calendar of diverse cultural celebrations
A school program and community that thrive on parent participation and choice
Teachers who teach from the heart
A joyful, caring aftercare program



The Village is a school where world cultures are explored, creativity is encouraged, community responsibility is promoted, and character development is nurtured. We create a place where the intellectual, imaginative, and humanitarian promise of each student can be cultivated and celebrated. We believe education must be broad, deep, and diverse to embrace every child, each with his or her individual personality, abilities, challenges, and background. The Village Charter School curriculum meets California State Content Standards and Frameworks.

In addition to academic pursuits, ecological studies, and the arts; students learn conflict resolution and life skills such as integrity, curiosity, initiative, flexibility, patience, and self-worth. In the learning environment that results, children develop effective and collaborative lifelong learning skills.Our students benefit from experiential, interactive learning approaches, where core academics are woven with our whole world curriculum, including:

  • Instruction and curriculum which recognize and nurture individual strengths and learning styles
  • Creative arts integrated into the curriculum, including crafts, visual arts, music, performing arts, and cooking
  • Plays and festivals created with student involvement
  • Nature-based hikes and garden activities
  • Frequent field trips and camp-outs
  • Community service opportunities