Food Assistance

Families needing food assistance can find a distribution site by a number of avenues provided by Redwood Empire Food Bank and SoCo Emergency.

The most complete resource is for those with internet access. The search tool allows you to enter an address and find food distributions available by day & time as well as food distribution type with descriptions of each. 

For those without internet access, the TEXT/COMIDA tool is a great resource for food available today. 

Distance Learning Standards

Following a spring trimester of loose distance learning expectations for schools across
California, the state has sets clear standards for fall instruction and student attendance.
The following is an outline of key points regarding DL standards that VCS will follow.

Daily live interaction required

Teachers will have to connect with their students each school day through online
instruction and/or phone check-ups.

Taking student attendance

Schools must take students' attendance and participation under distance learning, or
risk losing state funding. Students who don't participate will factor into schools' chronic
absenteeism figures.

Minimum instruction

Students must receive a minimum amount of daily instruction that can be met by a
combination of teacher instruction and "time value" of work assigned.
- 3 hours per day for kindergartners.
- 3 hours, 50 minutes for grades 1-3.
- 4 hours for grades 4-12.

Serving students in need

Schools have to provide the "accommodations necessary" to serve students with
special needs. Speech and Language and RSP support will continue to be provided as
defined by a student’s IEP. We will also continue to provide one-on-one early
intervention for reading and math as needed.

No set requirements for live instruction

The state does not mandate a minimum daily amount of synchronous, or live,
instruction, though experts strongly suggest it be a part of students' distance learning.
VCS teachers will be working directly with students via Zoom Monday through
Thursday, starting at 9:00 AM with additional hours for teacher check-ins (AKA office
hours). Fridays will be reserved for packet pick-up/drop-off and check-ins with
individual students and parents.

Preventing disengagement

Schools must form a plan for re-engaging students who are absent from distance
learning for more than three schooldays a week. VCS will be reaching out regularly to
support students who are struggling with attendance and will work to find instructional
methods that address individual needs.

Checking families' connectivity

Schools will have to ensure that students and families have the devices and connectivity
necessary to participate in distance learning, or make accommodations if they do not.
VCS will make chrome books available to all students that need one. Check out days for
chrome books will be announced by email.

Weekly engagement records

An additional data requirement, schools must keep "weekly engagement records" noting
how much synchronous or asynchronous instruction a student has received. VCS will
be collecting course work on a weekly basis and maintaining academic and
participation/attendance records.