Participation & Support

The Village Charter School is a cooperative organization where parents and staff work together to ensure the success of our students. Parents are integrated into all aspects of the school’s operation, and their participation, both inside and outside of the classroom, is essential in creating and implementing the school’s educational program and maintaining its supportive environment.

Following are the expectations for the family of every child attending the Village Charter School:

1)  We encourage each family to volunteer at least 40 hours per year (divided between the classroom and the school). Many think of this as an average of 1 hour per week in or for the class, and 20 hours per year at the school level, as a guideline. There are many ways for parents to share their time and talents with the Village. If work schedules make classroom support difficult, we welcome the involvement of other relatives to help, or will work with you to find ways to support the school during evenings and weekends. Our school depends on this participation and commitment to run as a community charter school; it is essential that all parents understand that our school is sustained by the participation of every family.

2) We ask each family to participate in supporting the Village through our Parent Giving Program (PGP). Charter schools receive the same money per day, per child, as a public school, but must pay for their own site, utilities, and other services. Thus, we (like most charter schools) encourage parents to help through a monthly donation, at a level they are able to pay. (Suggested monthly pledge is $125) Families may pledge more or less, as they are able, but every contribution makes a difference. Program support pledges are part of our annual budget, and monies are used to pay for staff support, enrichment programs, festivals and supplies.   PGP pledge form   

Please see the Support tab for additional ways to help meet the needs of our school.

How to Volunteer

Please see our Chaperone Guidelines and Requirements page.

Village parents and even grandparents find many ways to joyfully fulfill their family’s volunteer hours and enrich our school at the same time. Many people find themselves inspired to serve many more than 40 hours, which our school counts on as well. Studies have shown that when parents participate in their children’s education, the result is an increase in student achievement and an improvement of students’ attitudes. Increased attendance, fewer discipline problems and higher aspirations also have been correlated with an increase in parent involvement.

In the classroom, parents assist the teacher as needed, working with small groups and individuals to ensure all children get the help and attention they need to succeed. Parents also may bring in their own talents or passions to share with the children, such as art, music, sewing, cooking, dance, yoga, construction, etc. Driving on fieldtrips is always one of the big areas of need, and all who can do this are greatly appreciated. Parents also perform daily classroom cleaning jobs and assist with field trip research, scheduling, and many more tasks which the teachers will announce at the beginning of the school year, and as the year goes on.

At the whole-school level, the school relies on parents to perform many non-classroom jobs to support the greater school. There is always something for everyone, from helping with school and garden maintenance and improvement, coming on Work Party Days to do whatever is needed, to helping organize fundraisers and festivals, doing outreach, serving on the Board of Directors, and much more. There are job sign-ups at the beginning of each year, as well as opportunities throughout the year to do various tasks. Our Work Parties are always a fun, social time to get a lot done. One or more adults from each family also come three times during the year to help clean the school on a weekend. Thank you in advance for all your help!